Ko’ Ba Nagoni i’ (Urban Wildfires Update)

On June 5, 2020 a thunder storm and dry lightning ignited two wildfires in the upper elevation of the San Carlos Apache reservation. The Blue River Fire is burning in desert grassland in steep rugged terrain.  The wildfire is on the east side of the Blue River, west of the Antelope Flats, and north of Talkalai Lake. Fire Agencies throughout the southwest are experiencing these same dangerous dry conditions with high temperatures and the concern for the COVID-19 pandemic thus creating a complex situation, causing a limited availability of fire resources.  San Carlos Tribal Forest Resources Program and San Carlos Agency have called a Type 3 Team the Central West Zone Team to assist in addressing the complexity. Geronimo Hot Shots will continue to evaluate and monitor the fire activity. The rugged steep terrain makes it dangerous and inaccessible to reach the fire. Fire aircraft maybe utilized.

As of print time on Monday, June 8, the Blue River fire was at 2,258 acres, and the Dry Lake fire was at 578 acres.


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