K9 for Globe Police Department

Pictured: Globe Police Lt. Justin Keeling acts as the suspect resisting, Aries took only seconds to run more than 50 feet to reach him, handler Officer Dakota McCall gave commands in French for Aries to release the training sleeve.

Globe Police Department has added a new member to the team to help fight crime and make the city of Globe a better, safer place to live.

K9 Aries, a three-year-old Belgian Malinois who is fully trained in narcotics detection and patrol, was donated to the City of Globe by Adlerhorst International, LLC.

Officer Dakota McCall, who has been with the Globe Police Department for two years, put in for the position when it was open to the department. She had to interview for the duty, with both written, oral and aptitude tests, along with training observation to determine if was something she wanted to do. McCall had to pass all of her testing with a 70 or above to become a K9 handler.

She has been a handler for one month, but it is not a shift work commitment. Aries actually goes home with McCall and that comes with strict guidelines. He cannot, under any circumstances, have any human food. Training with him is also teaching McCall to be strict and resistant to giving in. If Aries doesn’t follow her command exactly as she tells him, he gets no reward. An okay job isn’t good enough when you’re a highly trained police K9, McCall said. When he is successful, he is rewarded with his firehose toy, which is his favorite, or his ball on a string.

Aries has been in training all his life, he is certified in SWAT, High Risk and Patrol 1 and 2, so he is a great addition to the Globe Police Department. Aries will work for about 7-9 years and with the bond he will form with McCall, she will be able to tell when he is ready to retire.

Every week, McCall and her partner K9 Aries train for 12 hours in Tempe with the National Police Canine Association

A Belgian, Malinois can turn in an impressive speed at around 30 mph. These dogs are obedient, protective and hardworking breeds. They are smart, loyal, muscular, alert, agile and strong-willed, with a fearless attitude which makes Aries the scariest thing running at you if you’re the one evading police. He understands French, so he won’t understand the suspect yelling “stop” or “no.”

Aries also has a refined sense of smell. His keen nose is able to detect to smallest odor of drugs and to tell where it is, he swats at it with his paw. His credibility can succeed any search warrant and gives the officers probable cause to search the vehicle.

Aries may be a tough dog when he is working, but he can turn it off to be a loving dog looking for pets and pats on the head.

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