January Mayor’s Report

Sign Code Meeting

A public meeting was held on January 8th to discuss the City’s sign code. There were approximately thirty business owners and residents that attended to make suggestions and give input. The staff is in the process of updating verbiage and reviewing fees under the sign code.  We want to maintain our historic downtown area, but make it unique and attractive to draw visitors to stop and walk through it. The sign code for the entire City assures that we are in compliance with state law and fairness to all businesses.

Safe House

Notice was received from the Arizona Department of Health Services that funding has been extended through April 30, 2018, to keep our local Safe Home open. This emergency funding was made possible through the cooperation and collaboration of the City of Globe, Gila County, Gila House, and the United Fund of Globe-Miami.  This will allow time for these community stakeholders to continue working on a permanent and sustainable solution for the future.

Economic Director Department

At the January 9th meeting, the Council unanimously voted to establish a full time Economic Development Department for the City of Globe. Linda Oddonetto was named as the new Economic Development Director and the Community Coordinator of the RCAC Grant. The Rural Community Assistance Corporation Grant will bring training and comprehensive professional support to this position. Our priority for the future is to be a Business-Friendly City and provide programs to help incubate new and support existing local entrepreneurs. The City of Globe is the first community in Arizona to receive this three-year HUD Grant. This opportunity will help us develop our capacity towards sustainable economic growth. 

New Businesses

When Jerry’s Restaurant closed its doors, the owner of the building, Mike Williams, son of former Mayor Hank Williams decided to reopen it. He named it in honor of his dad, now Hank’s Restaurant. We welcome this new business to our community.

The grand opening for The Art of Nja One Gallery was held on February 1st. This new gallery is located at 660 East Ash Street. Stop on by and see the amazing work of Nja One.

The long anticipated grand opening and ribbon cutting for the new Gila County RV Park was held on February 2nd. This park has been in the making for many years by Lois Monnarez and has finally come to fruition. This park is located at 130 West Ash Street on the by-pass as you travel through Globe.  The RV Park will be beneficial to our City as it will attract travelers to stop and stay as they travel through our community.

It is official now, the national chain restaurant Denny’s will be opening in Globe. Representatives from the Denny’s came to Globe several months ago and met with City staff to gather information about the City’s business process and about our community. It was confirmed last week that Denny’s Restaurant will open soon on South Street.

2020 Census

I attended a NALEO Briefing on the upcoming 2020 Census on February 1st, at the State Capital. The main focus on the meeting was to discuss the funding, outreach, and education for the next two years in preparation for the census. It is important that we understand that census data is not only important to our community, but to our entire state as it is the basis of our Representative Democracy, critical to the protection of our Civil Rights, and used to annually distribute billions in federal funding. One major concern is that the Bureau is mandating that the 2020 census be conducted at the same cost of the 2010 census. This will result in a decrease in outreach services, especially in rural communities. Some proposed changes are to utilize the internet option, use third party data, redesign of questions, and reduce the number of local census offices. Our community will have to make sure that we stay informed to ensure that we get an accurate count.

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