It’s Never too Late to Earn a Degree

Courtesy photo Gloria Petty who recently graduated from EAC Gila Pueblo Campus, with husband Jay Petty.

Eastern Arizona College Gila Pueblo Campus would like to spotlight one of our incredible students.

Meet Gloria Petty. Gloria is a loving wife, mother, and grandmother. She is a dedicated, hard worker and always accomplishes whatever she puts her mind to.

Gloria retired after 25 years with the State of Arizona. She worked 9 ½ years for the Food Stamps program, 2 years for the Jobs program and 13 ½ years for the Office of Special Investigations for Welfare Fraud.

After retirement, she was ready to take on a new career. She began working for Hope Family Care and was asked to get her Medical Coding and Billing certificate. Going back to school later in life was challenging. She remembers missing the first week of classes because she was at the hospital with her husband, then trying to get caught up on class work was difficult. But, didn’t I already say she is a dedicated hard worker?

That unfortunate start didn’t stop her. Gloria completed her Certificate of Proficiency for Medical Coding and Billing Specialist in 2018.

We asked Gloria what she likes best about her new career and she said investigating. She works on the back part of billing. She investigates why a claim was not paid, or only partially paid. Gloria says, “It’s like being a detective and it’s fun trying to solve the mystery”.

Medical Coding and Billing is an intense program. Students are required to take difficult classes like: medical terminology, pharmacology, and human pathophysiology.

However, despite the challenge, Gloria recommends this certificate program to anyone interested.

She says, “it’s hard, but rewarding. I graduated at 63. You are never too old to learn”.

If you are interested in earning a Medical Coding and Billing Specialist Certificate, contact an academic advisor at 928-425-8481 and start working towards your career this fall. Classes begin August 24. EAC offers FAFSA advising and a tuition waiver for in-state students 55 and older.


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