Humane Society’s Brazell speaks out against latest instance of animal abuse

Dear Editor:

I am writing this article with a heavy heart. Another dog just died a terrible death at the hands of inhumane, heartless humans. How can anyone let an innocent animal starve to death? In their own backyard, no less!

This poor dog lived on Sycamore Street here in Globe with young adults not caring for it. This is happening all too often and the community needs to become aware and involved. Dogs and cats depend on us to care for them and protect them.

In far too many instances, we are failing to do so. It is time to take action! If you see or suspect an animal is not being cared for properly, please report it to the local authorities. Animal Control (928-402-8873) will do a welfare check. If we stand by and do nothing, we are also guilty. The Humane Society is not authorized to enter private property to investigate such calls and has no enforcement authority.

After you call Animal Control, you can call the High Desert Humane Society (928-425-2220) and we can follow up with them. There are many kinds of abuse. Inadequate food and water, insufficient shade or shelter, lack of medical care such as tending to injuries and wounds.

Lack of attention is neglect. Why acquire a dog, chain it up in the yard and never give it any attention? Is this humane? Even if you give the dog food and water, ignoring it is cruel. The summer heat is coming and we will get dozens of calls regarding chained dogs that have no water or cannot get to their water and they have no shade. This is shameful!

PLEASE, if you see any animal in distress, report it. Another summer problem is ticks and fleas. Please protect your dogs and cats from ticks and fleas. If you cannot afford this basic care and cannot provide a waterproof shelter, you should not have a pet. A pet is an animal kept for companionship and pleasure — pleasure for both you and your pet! Let’s get back to caring for our animals as pets.

Cheryl Brazell

President, High Desert Humane Society

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