Hostetler pool renovation scheduled for February 2022

Cassie Tafoya/Arizona Silver Belt The Miami Hostetler pool sits empty and will be closed until summer of 2022.

The Miami Hostetler pool will remain closed for another summer, this time due to repairs that are more extensive than the normal upkeep. The aging pool will be receiving a complete renovation that is scheduled to begin in February of 2022. In the years prior to Covid, Miami discovered some large cracks in the Hostetler pool and  able to raise $120,000 for repairs. Many upgrades that were long overdue, such as the cracks in the pool, replacing the acid lines, replacing the chlorinator and new lifeguard chairs, among other things, were completed.

According to Miami Town Manager Micah Gaudet, the renovation will help make the pool more accessible and increase the enjoyment and use of the pool for Miami residents for many years to come.

Since the closure of the Globe Community Center pool, Miami and Cobre Valley Recreation Center have had to spend thousands on repairs and upgrades. Freeport McMoRan took over the financial and operational management of its pool facility in March of 2018, and completed an extensive remodeling project. Freeport still hasn’t officially said whether the Cobre Valley Recreation Center pool will be open for summer of 2021. 

The Cobre Valley Regional Aquatic Center (CVRAC) committee, a committee comprised of several local stakeholders, has continued to meet to try and make their dream a reality. They have been working on the  aquatic project for eight years, promoting the vision of a regional aquatic center to serve Globe-Miami and surrounding communities for years to come.

During their April 1 meeting, Coolidge Community Service Director Ricky Lapaglia, who was the guest speaker, shared his long journey to get an aquatic center for the town of Coolidge. He provided his insight on municipal bonds and how they helped his project move along. The CVRAC can be followed on Facebook.


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