Homeless coalition to provide meal to homeless

Since January of this year, the Homeless Coalition has been meeting on the first and third Wednesdays each month. As word has spread of the meetings, a varied collection of folks attended one or more times at Divine Grace Presbyterian Church, 305 W. Live Oak Street, Miami at 5:30 p.m. For convenience, the facilitator keeps the meetings to an hour.

Information is being gathered to assess what services are currently being offered and by whom to those on the streets, what services are still needed and how the coalition might be able to help meet the different needs. Attendance varies from two to 15 on any given evening for various reasons but the meetings occur regardless. Some folks want immediate results on the homeless situation in the community and others know that these things take time with various results.

The Homeless Coalition recently developed their mission statement: Providing for the physical and spiritual needs of the homeless in the community with dignity and compassion, one person at a time.

The next meeting will be held following the homemade spaghetti dinner where volunteers will be providing and sharing with the homeless that attend in the Fellowship Hall of the First Christian Church, 401 S. Broad Street, Globe. The group is broadly faith based but is not necessarily a requirement for attending. 

If you feel the call to serve or be served please join.  For more information contact Jason 473-1299.

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