Historic Globe staircase gains new name

David Sowders/Arizona Silver Belt

A historic staircase set just off North Broad Street, which has been informally called the Silver King Stairs, now has an official name.

On May 10 Globe’s City Council voted unanimously to dub the recently beautified stairway the Pascoe Stairs, following the Gila County Historical Museum’s recommendation. The stairs’ new name is after Globe pioneer Thomas Pascoe, who owned a livery stable where the Silver King Storage building now stands. According to a 1906 Arizona Silver Belt article he established Pascoe’s Livery Stable in 1886. Pascoe was a businessman, banker and former Gila County Undersheriff; in 1900, along with a partner, he organized the Pinal Mountain Water Company.

In a further improvement to the Pascoe Stairs, which will be a highlight of I Art Globe’s planned Stairizona Trail, the council accepted I Art Globe’s donation of a steel outdoor bench to place beside the stairway. The bench will be in Asian style to commemorate the spot where Globe’s Chinatown once stood. The donation, originally part of the council’s consent agenda, was moved to the regular agenda at City Manager Paul Jepson’s request; council members unanimously voted “aye.” The bench, however, was only half the donation; also included was a mural on the risers of the Sutherland Street Stairs. The design by Safford artist Alexis Rios is called “Poppies and Sarapes.” I Art Globe hopes to have the work completed before June.


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