High Desert Humane Society Cat Rescue has a special angel: The Eric Conway Memorial Adoption Gift

Eric Conway, 22 years old passed away on March 17, 2020. He was born and raised in the Globe/Miami area. He graduated Globe High School and went on to work for local automotive shops before settling down with Capstone Mining in 2018 to present day.

Eric had a love for life and everything that came with it. One of his loves were his animals. Cats, dogs, etc. Eric had 6 fur babies, 4 cats and 2 dogs. His animals were like his kids, he spoiled and took care of each one of them. He even managed to take care of and feed the stray cats that were around his place. In honor of his passing and love for his fur babies we would like to pay it forward by covering the cost of (5) cat or kitten adoptions in his name. We hope you will love and care for your new fur baby as much as he loved and cared for his.

The Family of Eric Conway

Thanks to Eric’s love of all animals, but especially his love for cats the HDHS Cat Rescue has 5 of our older and been here the longest cats that have been adopted by him for you. These cats will come with a $20 gift certificate to complete the adoption.

These cats are either older or more challenged to find homes. They are overlooked because of their color, age or disposition, which if they had a forever home would make them good cats. Eric’s family wanted to share his love of cats by pre-adopting those ones in his name.

With our deepest condolences to the Conway family we would like to thank them for such a generous gift to the HDHS Cat Rescue in Eric’s name.

Here are the cats that Eric has adopted for you:

Denzel, born May, 1, 2017, large black cat who does not like other cats but tends to favor men over women. Loves to be brushed and petted. Does not like to be picked up.

Artemis, born April 23, 2014, is the oldest also black. She too does not like to be picked up but loves to be brushed and given treats. She is not overly friendly with children, prefers an adult environment. She likes both men and women if they give her some attention.

Clover, born Sept. 15, 2017, is black and a bit timid. Loves to be brushed and given attention. She is okay with other cats if they are not aggressive to her. Likes a calm environment so may not be good with young children.

Ditto, born Aug. 1, 2019, is a spotted with orange and white. He is a bit of a loner and does not like to be held. He likes other cats but does not have to be around them. He may do better with a male owner and possibly male cats.

Tabitha, born July 11, 2018, is also solid grey but shot hair. She loves to eat and sleep and likes adults only. She does not like other cats and needs to be a solo cat. She is not crazy about being picked up. Love comes on her terms.

Eric has given a wonderful gift to these cats, to HDHS Cat Rescue and to those who will take these cats to their forever homes.  So, those who are interested in investing some time and love to these animals need to call the HDHS Cat Rescue at 928-812-3180 to set up a time to view them.

Cheryle Mariscal, Director

HDHS Cat Rescue


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