HDHS thanks McSpadden for helping out

EDITOR: The High Desert Humane Society had a scary situation a couple of weeks ago.

Pam Austin our dedicated Dog Rescue volunteer took 12 animals, some of them only four weeks old, to Thatcher for medical care and she no more than got on the highway to come home and the big white van stopped running.

Well what do you do? It was one of our hot afternoons and we needed something large and dependable to go pick them all up. My very first thought was McSpadden Ford, so I called and explained the situation and Udon, without hesitation, said we could take his service van.

Richard picked it up and off he went to Thatcher. All the crates were transferred to this van and home they came. Julie Cassadore arranged for the big white van to be towed home at no expense to us.

We owe McSpadden Ford and Julie a huge thank you, this could have turned out badly, but everyone was fine.

What a great community we have.

Cheryl Brazell

HDHS Volunteer