Hard Work Pays Off

Skylar Guerrero faces opponent.

It was a packed house at the Findlay Toyota Center arena in Prescott, Arizona. The athletes had built an atmosphere of intensity with their focus and determination. One could feel the energy as it surged throughout the building. This is the moment Skylar Guerrero had been training for all year, The State Wrestling Championship Tournament.

It all started at a young age for Skylar. “I started soccer at a very young age, maybe 4. I also played basketball around the same time. It was not until Junior High that I discovered football and wrestling, the two sports I love to play now.” Skylar explained about his start with athletics. He then opened up about his future, “I am not sure what I will do after high school. I do plan on attending college and when the time comes I will give serious into college athletics.”

Skylar is part of a Miami sports program that is doing well right now. The football team made it to the state playoffs. Skylar and some of the other wrestlers also placed well in the state playoffs. While success on the field and on the matt are great, the real success is coming in the classroom. Skylar’s mom Sheena Acosta explains, “I think sports are good for his studies. It gives him that extra push to do better. I could really see his focus on academics become stronger this last two years.”

At the same time, this last two years is when Skylar believes that he has found his groove in athletics. “My early days in high school football were a bit rough. My Freshman year of wrestling was pretty brutal. The whole year I was beat up. I made it to state for wrestling and I truly believe that is because I felt that I just could not lose anymore. By my sophomore year I had fallen in love with wrestling. I had proven to myself that hard work and dedication can make you better and even great. By my Junior year I had found a reason to fall in love with football again as well. We got a new coaching staff that taught me to play the game right. Now when I am tired I stick with a familiar saying that I repeat to myself.” Stated Skylar. “Effort and attitude are the most I can give.”

Skylar Guerrero is going into his senior year. He is part of a Miami Vandal Football program that believes it can win the state championship. This same football team has won the rivalry game against Globe for the last two years. That had not been done since 1991 and 1992, when Skylar’s father, Gabe Guerrero was on the team. Skylar is also a favorite to win the state wrestling championship his senior year.

The state championship for 2A wrestling was one match away. Skylar had gone 3 and 0 through the first three rounds of the tournament. As expected, Skylar would face off for first place in the state. The match was at the end of the day and it was a long wait. The match began and Skylar held his opponent at bay. Skylar was wrestling in the heavy weight division and faced a 30-pound weight disadvantage. Because of this Skylar kept his opponent at a distance and struggled to find the timing to make his move. The match lasted into the third round. Skylar had to make a move. Skylar describes the moment, “You get in trouble when you are desperate. I had to get desperate. I had run out of time and had to make a move. I did, I got off balance and he pinned me. I hate losing. I am already ready to get back next year. I’m already working on a new routine to improve.”


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