Gonzales signs letter of intent with NMWU

Cassie Tafoya Samantha Gonzales signed her letter of intent

Samantha Gonzales signed her letter of intent to play softball for NMWU on Nov. 12.

Samantha has been playing ball since the age of seven. She began club ball in eighth grade, and that’s when dedication and commitment begin.

Samantha began her college campus tour in South Dakota, but her initial visit to NMWU was the one that felt right. Everyone was welcoming like family and the straight drive of only 3.5 hours was the cherry on top.

What helped her become more than a seasonal baller was the overwhelming support from her parents. Twice a week, Samantha would have practice out of town for her club ball team and return home around 11:30 p.m. on those nights. Weekend tournaments meant giving up some of the usual high school activities, but the sacrifices have paid off. Athletics wasn’t the only area where her parents pushed her to be better; she also excels in academics. Samantha has a 4.0 unweighted GPA.


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