Gonzales family appreciates the love and support

The family of Manuel R. and Adeline Gonzales express their thanks and appreciation for the outpouring of love and support given to our family in this time of grief following the loss of our parents. 

here are not enough words to fully express our heartfelt and sincere gratitude.

The prayers of support gave emotional and spiritual strength, courage, and gratitude to reflect on all the wonderful and blessed years with our amazing parents.

We truly know this is not good-bye, but a farewell for now.

We sincerely want to thank: 

Fr. George-Our Lady of the Blessed Sacrament  Catholic Church, Lena Tena, Mona Aguilar, Our Lady of the Blessed Sacrament Church kitchen volunteers, Knights of Columbus, Lamont Mortuary, Pinal Mountain Flowers, Johnny Reynoso-Chalo’s Restaurant, Piya and Chico Curiel-El Ranchito Restaurant, Greg and Doreen Esparza-Guayo’s Restaurant-Miami, Ramon Baeza and Family, Alfred and Irene Gameros, Mark and Annie Escobedo,  Conrad and Cindy Johnson, Jimmy and Virgie Bejarano, Elizabeth and Gonzalo Ruiz, Lucinda Santa Cruz, Maria Nader,  Pete Sanders, Greg and Beatrice Lazarin, John and Irene Yanez, Gina Oviedo, Marilyn Brewer, Michael Martin, Debbie Falquez, Tiffany Perez, Frank and Teddi Jo Olvera, Lisa and Joe Scrignoli, Joann Ashford, Mikey Flores, Dolores Gonzales, Ramon Gonzales, Adela Lopez, Ed Hernandez-Done-Rite Construction, Madrigal Familia-Coro Monte Sinai, Grupo Conducto and to all our extended family and friends for your kindness, thoughts and prayers, donations of food and beautiful flowers.

Please accept our apologies to anyone we may have missed.  Never are we more aware of how much friends and family mean to us.

Manuel Jr. (Tina), Debby Valtierra (Art), Mike (Sylvia), Suzanne Cordova (Eddy), Steve (Connie), Carol Gonzales (Kevin Ashford), Andy Gonzales, Amber Yniguez (Jerry), Rocky (Shawna)

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