Globe welcomes new employees and celebrates retirements

Susanne Jerome/Arizona Silver Belt Chief Walters and new Executive Assistant Coleen Stevens.

Amid old and new business, the Globe City Council welcomed two new staff members and celebrated the retirement of two others.  Pete Gardea retired after 23 years with City Parks especially at Besh Ba Gowah. He plans to re-involve himself with 4H and to help with plants and clean up in the downtown area as well as working “around the house” and possibly building a house on a lot he owns.

The city will be losing Frank Baroldy who started on a garbage truck 26 years ago and now is the Wastewater Superintendent with the highest certifications in the city for his area of responsibility according to Public Works Director Jerry Barnes who praised him for being the first to arrive at work and the last to leave and for being available for emergency callouts.

The new employees include Coleen Stevens who has become the Executive Assistant to Police Chief Dale Walters. A native of England, she has worked for Gila County and a defense attorney, Anna Ortiz before signing on with Globe PD. She has two children currently attending Globe High School, Raven Stevens and Kaya Scott.

Linda Oddonnetto, Economic Development Director, welcomed Melissa Steele to her department now doubled in size. She has degrees in media arts graphic design and film and video production. She has worked with the Cobre Valley Regional Medical Center as a public relations specialist and graphic designer.

In New Business, the Council approved an update and clarification of purchasing in the city code, separating non-construction expenditures from those which are subject to the requirements of ARS Title 34. The ordinance also increased the amounts of expenditures that needed to go out for formal and informal bids, or that needed council approval. These rate changes allow for many years of inflation. The requirement for Council approval of any purchase above $25,000 remains in effect.

The Council ratified the Memorandum of Understanding the city has with John Wong that the building permit for a proposed new restaurant called Bravo’s in a vacant formal bank building a 333 N. Broad Street. This is in anticipation of the creation of an Infill Incentive District “which may result in partial waiver of Municipal development fees.” The city staff will use a state statute ARS 9-499.10 which allows the creation of the district if certain standards are met for the area, which is true of Downtown Globe. This is in line with the pro-development stance the council and city staff have consistently maintained.  “This is one step forward in being more business friendly with all the businesses and homes,” commented councilman Mike Stapleton. Mayor Al Gameros added that this resolution showed that “We are committed to new business and that we are business friendly.”

The city had adopted a “Pavement Cut Policy” on November that would require contractors to restore pavement “as best as possible to as-new condition.” Along with this the City would require a $300 fee of contractors for a permit to cut into the city’s streets. This resolution started the process of requiring the fee with a “Notice of Intention to Establish Civil Restoration Permit Fees” as required by the state.

The council also approved the acceptance of $29,056.69 in a state grant to buy a radar speed display trailer and several sign mounted displays to tell drivers the speed limit on certain streets and if they were over that limit.

The council approved the purchase of up to 105 annual memberships in PHI Cares for supplemental emergency Air-Vac service. Fernando Shipley raised the issue of who would be covered since some part time employees might not be covered by city health benefits, but staff assured council that these would be offered to all employees full or part time whether covered by City benefits or Arizona State Retirement.

Council approved a $500 annual reimbursement to council members for expenses for council business as was approved in the 2019-2020 budget.

Council approved a resolution allowing part of a $15,000 gift to the city of Globe from the Iglesia Ni Cristo (church of Christ) to be used to give $1,000 to the Salvation Army and to the ACE program, which is active at several local schools. It allows needy students to obtain backpacks filled with food and needful items and a chance to use washers and driers. The money was not in the last budget, so the council had to approve the expenditures.

When it came to future meetings, on the agenda, there was news due to the renovating of the city council chambers. The county has agreed to host the two January council meetings at their chambers in the new court house.


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