Globe Tigers host Sahuarita

GLOBE — On Thursday night, Feb. 15, Globe exploded out of the tip off and never looked back (or bad). Sahuarita managed to stay within striking distance and briefly led in the first three quarters but the final score of  69 to 56 was a Globe manufactured inevitability.

BJ Burries made two layups which were unanswered in the first few minutes, and Daniel Widner made one. Then a couple of 3-pointers by the Sahuarita Mustangs brought them into the lead 10 to 8. A basket by Brandon Pina evened the score, but he was answered by a Mustang basket, which put them in the lead again. Burries made a basket the hard way (while being knocked to the floor) to make up the two point deficit. He followed up with a conventional layup to put Globe ahead again. Corey Chee increased the lead to 16 to 12. The basket was answered with a two and a three pointer, and BJ Burries threw three points into the pot to make the score 22 to 19 with 6:59 left in the 2nd quarter. Corey Chee took the score to 29 to 19  and the Mustangs made several unanswered baskets to bring the score to 29 -26 when Corey Chee’s 3 pointer brought the score to 32 – 26.

With 45 seconds left  in the half, Burries and Chee and the Mustangs made baskets, and the score was 39 to 29 at the half.

In the second half, Globe increased their margin to 15 points, 40 to 25, but the Mustangs were able to decrease that lead to 8 points before Burries Struck again to bring up the lead to 10 points. During the 3rd quarter Globe was able to keep their lead between 10 and 17 points, beginning the 4th quarter 17 points in the lead.  The Mustangs were able to whittle that lead to 13 points by the end. Clearly BJ Burries was “on” as was Corey Chee and the rest of the team. According to Coach Simmons, “When we are on we are very good.”  He said that the team were still coping with the injury loss of Braden Dalton, and that they were still learning to play without his help.  

Burries was the top scorer with ten  2-point baskets, a 3-pointer, and 5 hard earned free throws for 28 points.  Corey Chee garnered 16 points out of 3 two pointers, three 3-pointers. Brandon Pina and Aaron Smith scored 4 points each, Jeremy Jones 2 points, and Daniel Widner made three baskets for 6 points.  Globe will take on Florence in the next game of the 3A playoffs. 

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