Globe ranks most dangerous City in Arizona

Andrea Justice/Arizona Silver Belt City of Globe rank going viral.

The Arizona Silver Belt has received phone calls from business owners and community members concerning a few articles that went viral naming Globe as the #1 dangerous city in Arizona. The articles have been shared on Facebook and each one has many comments.

“Only in Your State” and “Homesnacks” released the top 10 dangerous cities in Arizona. Both state that the City of Globe ranks number one for the most dangerous city in Arizona. Both articles show that Globe has moved up from number two spot last year to number one. According to them, you have a 7.5 percent chance of property crime and a 2 percent chance of being a victim of a violent offense. “Only in Your State” says that it’s conclusion is based off of FBI statistics.

The article from “Homesnacks” took a list of cities with a population around 5,000 to come up with a potential list of 48 cities in Arizona. The end result was Globe being #1 as well. If you read about “Homesnacks” you will see that they are based in North Carolina and that they deliver bite size pieces of infotainment about where you live by using data, analytics and a sense of humor to determine the quality of life. This can be very discerning for people who are looking for a place to visit or move to.

Over the next few weeks, the Arizona Silver Belt will sit down with city officials to let our readers know what is being done to improve the way of life in Globe, Ariz. Aside from the online social media and full page arrest reports, there are a lot of good people and organizations in Globe trying to make a difference.


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