Globe Police responds to potential threat at Globe High School

The Globe Police Department responded to a potential threat at Globe High School on Wednesday, March 7, the day after a student posted a profanity-laced tirade on his Facebook page.

Globe High School Principal Robert Armenta felt that the situation required a response from school administration and contacted police.

“Sometime after 9 p.m. (on Tuesday) we received a phone call requesting a police presence at the school in response to a possible threat the student made,” acting Globe Police Chief Bob Folker said.

The student, wrote an angst-ridden post that ended with “They say new year new me well this sure as ****doesn’t feel like my year and I’m not at all the new person I wanted so **** this year and all you in it.”

According to Folker, there was a feeling of concern about Brandenburg over past behavior, so officers went to the school to talk to students and faculty to determine the threat level posed by the student, who was escorted off campus and interviewed by police in the presence of a parent.

Later in the afternoon, GPD issued a press release that read, in part that “the post may just be the angry rant of a teenager, but the Globe Police Department considers all potential threats or claims of threats in our current climate, to be responsive to any potential issue.”

Globe Unified School District Superintendent Jerry Jennex sent an email to the district’s board members voicing similar concerns.

“We hope that the situation will prove to be just a personal struggle but will keep you informed if any greater concerns arise,” Jennex concluded.

By Wednesday afternoon, the situation was in hand and school remained in session.

The GPD press release ended with a plea to parents, family members and friends of students to “take time out of their busy and hectic schedules to talk with [their] child, relatives and friends about these types of situations, how unsafe they are and potentially how life-changing this could be, as well as reminding them about making threatening comments, and how these types of serious acts can have potential life-changing events.

“It is also a fresh reminder to check our own homes and make sure that our weapons are safe, secure, and out of reach from our children.”

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