Globe Police installing highway radar signs

Courtesy photo Globe Police Officers Angel Perez, left, and Dakota McCall stand near the Highway 70 radar feedback sign and one of the department’s new patrol vehicles.

The Globe Police Department (GPD) has announced the installation of a radar feedback sign on Highway 70 near Montecito Drive, affecting westbound traffic. This radar sign warns or alerts motorists of their actual speed as they approach it. It is one of four signs GPD will be installing; the other three will be posted in strategic areas throughout the city in the coming days.

GPD’s objective is to reduce motorists’ speeds as they travel through the city and to decrease traffic accidents. These radar signs will act as a visual reminder to check your speed while driving through Globe, because “Speed Kills.”

GPD was awarded a grant from the Arizona Governor’s Office of Highway Safety (GOHS) for these radar feedback signs. GOHS provided significant funding for the radar systems and modern computer technology for all five of GPD’s new police vehicles.

“We would like to sincerely thank GOHS Director Alberto Gutier and his staff for their continued support of rural communities in Arizona including Globe, as well as Globe Public Works Director John Angulo for obtaining permitting from ADOT for sign placement and his staff for affixing the signs to utility poles,” the Globe Police Department said. “We are all committed to increasing public awareness of highway safety issues including speed reduction.”


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