Globe Miami Farmers’ Market honors one of its own

The Farmers’ Market has made a successful opening at the Gila County Historical Museum.

This is our eighth season and we have high hopes for more growth in our new location. Our backyard gardeners are the Copper Corridors largest producers of fresh produce and we may not be many in number compared to other markets, but we are recruiting new growers as much as we can.

Our season will go into September and I will try to keep you updated as much as possible in anticipation of great community and traveler participation.

Our organization was founded by local folks that wanted to bring fresh food to our area.

One of our strongest advocates was our President, Cayci Vuksanovich. She was strong in the belief that gardening was a healing force to reckon with and knew that this community would benefit from this Farmer’s Market.

On May 12, we lost Cayci and to honor her, the Farmers’ Market will be closed on June 16 so that we may participate in her Celebration of Life.

Know that she would not have wanted us to stay still for long on her account, so we will reopen the following Saturday.

Thank you all for your support of our efforts and please stop by as often as you would like and if you have questions please call me,

Holly Brantley at 928-701-3097.

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