Globe High School yearbook staff wins Best in Show

Pictured from left: Kayla Wood, Blessing Jones, Devin Chase, Paige Quam, Jordyn Gibson.jpg

Globe High School’s Wigwam yearbook staff recently won “Best in Show” at the Balfour Taylor Publishing Workshop which took place at ASU’s Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication.

Students attending were Jordyn Gibson, Blessing Jones, Paige Quam, Kayla Wood and Devin Chase. This is their second year attending the workshop under the direction of GHS Digital Communications instructor Sonia Yanez.

At the workshop, students attended classes on publishing software, photography, leadership, marketing and more. They also had the opportunity to stay in the Taylor Place dorm and experience college life for four days.

“The summer workshop helped our group a lot. Most people don’t see how much effort and work we have to put in for a good yearbook each year,” Kayla Wood said. “Winning best in show for next year’s developing theme felt good. All of us were happy because ours was creative and different than everyone else. It’s new and exciting for everyone at our high school.”

Throughout the workshop, students developed their theme for the 2019 yearbook. As the finale to the workshop, each of the 23 schools in attendance presented a PowerPoint of their yearbook theme to the rest of the attendees. GHS students Paige Quam and Blessing Jones presented the GHS theme and, partially based on “audience reaction,” the GHS Wigwam staff won Best in Show and was presented with a plaque and Visa gift card.

“Winning best in show made me feel really proud after all that hard work and figuring out the design,” Quam said. ‘It was really good to see everyone’s reaction and how they all liked it just as much as everyone working on it did.”

The yearbook theme will remain unknown to the school until the yearbook is passed out in May 2019. Yearbooks may be pre-ordered in the GHS Bookstore and start at $45, but the price will increase monthly. This is volume 102 of the Wigwam yearbook. 

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