Globe High School Fires up Another Engine! Every athlete deserves to play their sport

Courtesy photo Team Leader, Dawson Shaffer, receiving Auto Team’s first account receivable funds from Mr. Larry Toner.

Globe High School’s Trimester 3, Principal, Robert Armenta, shifted an auto class into gear.

To initiate this pilot class, the students were hand selected to ensure a successful foundation to build upon.

Similar to baseball, the Auto Teams’ roster includes athletes that specialize in the positions of auto technicians (electrical), mechanics, paint, body work, auto detailing, creative marketing (buy/sell), equipment organization experts, shop safety/management, quality control, account specialist, logistics and the tire/oil and lube team. This team’s foundational structure is built to resemble a finely tuned big block engine by promoting the value of every team member; everyone is equal and seated at the Round Table; however, the function of the team does include a tiered system with three senior ranking team leaders, dividing into three departments of operation. The team strategically organized their shop, the members are able to maneuver and perform effective and efficient with zero discrepancies.

Admirable, retired community member, Larry Toner, discovered the GHS Auto Team. Larry has been involved in the preventive maintenance and repair of community members’ golf carts. Larry mentions, “I am ready to pass the baton to the next eager and willing generation, so I can truly retire.” The team’s first repair was a complete break job, and no project leaves the shop without a cleaning detail, and preventive maintenance inspection. After one week of operation, the Team was fortunate to receive, and completed, three successful cart projects, all by word of mouth. The GHS Auto Team is offering prime soil to any investing community members’ seed that could include: whole sale priced vehicles/ATV’s (resalable), donations of anything with a motor, or financial contributions that would be used for personal protective equipment (P.P.E).

Your charitable contributions into the foundation of our communities’ next generation of young adults, could qualify as a taxable donation. To contact GHS Auto Shop by email at [email protected] or 928-402-6100 ex 4207.


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