Globe High Alumni Association works for its alma mater

Your Globe High School Alumni has continued to act to benefit your alma mater and you as alums. We regularly purchase the insurance that enables you to visit the high school for class reunions. In prior years, we have stabilized the G on G-Hill, refurbished the class photos that adorn the hall of GHS, and made copies of those pictures so that if ever they were damaged or destroyed, they could be replaced, and we have contributed to the electronic sign on the highway that advertises GHS events. In addition, we have regularly participated in the homecoming parade with a float.

Last fall, GHSAA offered to put on the inaugural banquet for the GHS Hall of Fame, and the Hall of Fame Committee accepted our offer. In each of the last two years, your alumni association has hosted quite successful receptions for Hall of Fame inductees and others. It is our intention to continue this tradition.

As you surely know, Globe High School, like so many schools in Arizona, struggles with inadequate funding from the state. Give the scarcity of available money, the GHS administration has performed admirably. But there are many needs that are beyond their reach. For this reason, your alumni association has begun the first of a three-phase program of assistance to the high school. We have called this the TIGER project.

The TIGER project began when we first discovered that the culinary skills program (the 21st century version of home economics) has eight stoves, of which only one still works, GHSAA has purchased three stoves to address this need, and we plan to acquire at least two additional stoves. There are other areas in GHS where needed equipment for instructional purposes is either obsolete or completely non-functional. Our first objective is to replace this equipment. Once this is accomplished, the TIGER project will help with the funding of additional instructional needs at the high school.

We intend to solicit alums to help with this funding, but this is not the purpose of this announcement. More than your money, what we want is your participation. On Saturday, Jan. 26, we will hold our semi-annual General Assembly in the high school auditorium. All GHS alumni are invited and urged to attend. These assemblies are intended to give as many alums as possible a voice in what your alumni association does, and a vote on who will represent you and your desires for the next two years. This is but the first of a number of public announcements of this event.

Subsequent announcements will give the time for the meeting on Jan. 26, as well as the agenda for the meeting. You are urged to nominate candidates for membership on the Alumni Board, nominations which include self-nominations. Please think of this as your opportunity to play an active role in this organization as it attends to the needs of both alums and our Globe High School.

Contributed by Jim Phillips


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