Globe Council weighs CDBG projects

At their July 12 meeting, the Globe City Council discussed ways the City might use $179,879 in federal Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) it expects to receive from the Arizona Department of Housing. The funding must be used to benefit low-income individuals and areas, alleviate slum conditions and blight, or address urgent need.

One proposal for the CDBG funds was a project to repair downtown sidewalks, primarily on Broad Street but also on Hill and Pine Streets. The City has contracted with Rick Engineering for a project/cost assessment, and currently has $200,000 in its sidewalk repair fund. Another proposed use was for demolition of the former Medical Center on Ash Street, the Rogue Building and the Silver King Building. A third option, suggested by Mayor Al Gameros, was using the funds to address parking on North Broad Street along with demolishing the Silver King Building.

The meeting also included a public hearing on the CDBG funds; there were no comments from the public. Council will make a final decision on a project at their August 9 meeting.

The City also received  a $100,000 donation from Pinto Valley Mining, a subsidiary of Capstone Mining, toward the pool renovation project. The pool’s re-opening date remains uncertain, but City Manager Paul Jepson said it would stay open as late in the year as people were using it.

In other business, Council received an update on various infrastructure projects including the replacement of Connie’s Bridge, which is planned to go out for re-bid this September, the linked Hill Street Corridor project and the Cottonwood Bridge replacement, and approved a $63,960 contract with RAM Specialist, LLC to rehab a clarifier at the wastewater treatment plant; the work is part of ongoing upgrades to the facility.


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