Globe Council votes to pay reserve police officers

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Globe — The Globe Police Department’s reserve officers will now be paid, after action taken by the Globe City Council at its April 11 meeting.

Globe Police Chief Mark Nipp told the council that his department is currently down seven full-time officers compared to normal staffing levels. He reported that any sick days or vacation time requested by officers must be back-filled by another officer who gets paid overtime.

The Globe Police Department has five reserve officers, three of whom retired from the department. Nipp will work with city manager Paul Jepson to determine the hourly rate that reserve officers will be paid. All reserve officers will be paid the same rate, regardless of their level of experience. In addition, all reserves must meet the same training and certification requirements as full-time officers.

Reserves will only be paid the hourly rate, and will not receive benefits. According to the city council packet, overtime spending is up 164 percent compared to the budget.

“We should be able to recognize a fairly high savings per hour,” Nipp said.

Council members were unanimous in their support of the measure. Roberta Johnson commented that with the current staff shortage, officers can have trouble getting time off to spend time with their families. Johnson also asked that after six months, Nipp bring back a report detailing the financial impact of paying reserves.

Charlene Giles did ask how Nipp will offer reserve officers equal opportunity to get hours. Nipp replied that he could possibly send out an email and/or text message whenever a shift needed to be filled, and whoever responded first would work that shift.

 Capstone expansion update

Tim Ralston, senior supervisor of environmental at Capstone Mining’s Pinto Valley Mine, gave a lengthy presentation to the council regarding the company’s plan to extend the life of mine to 2039. The company is asking for additional land use of 245 acres from the Tonto National Forest, and to be able to accommodate 522 million tons of tailings.

Capstone has started the environmental review process, and hopes to have everything completed by 2019, although Ralston acknowledged that is an “aggressive” goal. The Forest Service is holding two public scoping meetings regarding Capstone’s request; the first was held April 18 at Superior High School, and the second will be held from 5 to 8 p.m. on Thursday, April 20 at Miami High School.

Those unable to attend a scoping meeting can submit comments in the following ways:

  • By mail to: Pinto Valley Mine EIS Comments, 2324 E. McDowell Road, Phoenix, Arizona 85006
  • By e-mail to: [email protected]
  • By fax to: 602-225-5302

 For more information about the proposed project, visit

 Summary of Current Events

During the Summary of Current Events, Charlene Giles thanked city staff for their assistance with the Historic Home and Building Tour, as well as the Globe Cemetery Tour. She also thanked Ginny Sonne for holding a walking tour for those who couldn’t attend the Home Tour.

Finally, Giles promoted the upcoming volunteer day at Old Dominion Mine Park. The volunteer day will be held Saturday, April 29. “We’ll take anybody,” Giles said.

Lerry Alderman thanked Jon Cornell of KQSS for his assistance with the recent Gila ATV Jamboree, as well as for his help with other projects and events.

Mike Stapleton thanked the Globe Fire Department for the care it provided his father-in-law.

Mayor Al Gameros acknowledged Miami mayor Darryl Dalley, who was in attendance. He reminded the audience that the Globe and Miami councils will hold a joint meeting on May 18 at Bullion Plaza in Miami.

 Budget meetings

City manager Paul Jepson gave a brief recap of the FY2017-18 budget process. The council is scheduled to hold one more budget work session, on April May 2.

The plan is for the council to approve the tentative budget on May 23, hold a budget public hearing on June 13 and approve the final budget on June 27.

 New employees

The council was introduced to three new city employees: administrative services specialist Maryn Belling and maintenance worker Tristen Harrison of the Public Works Department; and administrative clerk Stephen Palmer of Besh Ba Gowah Museum.

 Liquor License tranfser

The council held a public hearing regarding the transfer or a Series 9 Liquor License from Safeway #1274, 4567 Highway 60 to Safeway #3187, 240 S. Hill St.

There were no public comments. The item will be presented to the council for approval at its April 25 meeting.

 Call to the Public

During the Call to the Public, former councilman Desmond Baker informed the council of his idea for a new event in Globe. The event would be called “Stair-azona” and would make use of Globe’s collection of historic staircases. Baker said the idea for the event came to him in a dream.

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