Globe City Council affirms the importance of participating in U.S. Census 2020

Though the 2020 United States Census is still a couple of years away, the Globe City Council recognized its importance and confirmed the City’s participation.

Resolution No. 1787 states the City of Globe will participate in the “Census 2020 Copper Corridor Complete Count Committee” and encourages “every person to be counted.”

Census 2020 is set to begin on “Census Day,” which falls on April 1, 2020, Globe City Manager Paul Jepson said at the Council’s Sept. 11 meeting.

Calling Census participation “so important for Globe,” Jepson said this is the first of many instances of “public outreach” as time goes on.

Councilman Freddy Rios called for Resolution No. 1787 to be moved to “the first available meeting.”

The resolution reminds citizens that the U.S. Constitution requires a census count of the nation’s population every 10 years, with the resulting information used to determine the number of representatives Arizona will have in the U.S. House of Representatives.

The count is also used to determine districts in the State Legislature, and other local government bodies.

Individual census records are held confidential for 72 years, are protected under Title 13 of the U.S. code, and will not be shared with immigration or law enforcement agencies, the resolution states.

A complete and accurate census count is important to the City in determining federal and state aids and grants, economic development, housing assistance, transportation improvements and many other uses.

The City is concerned about “historically undercounted populations,” including young children, young adults, the elderly, immigrants, migrants, non-English speakers and the homeless.

It also recognizes that, historically, “language, culture, trust and other social barriers” have impeded some people from participating in the Census.

“An accurate Census count can’t be achieved without local involvement,” states the resolution, which describes the “Complete Count Committees” as the Census Bureau’s “core strategic element” to promote the Census.

The committees exist to “plan and implement locally-based outreach campaigns that raise awareness of the Census,” and are made up “trusted voices in the community.”

“Every Copper Corridor resident counts and deserves to be counted,” the resolution states.

The Census Bureau is currently hiring and those interested may apply via the website,

A check of the website indicates that census takers in Gila County will earn $14.50 per hour and may also be reimbursed for mileage and expenses.

The next Globe City Council meeting is scheduled for Monday, Oct. 9, in council chambers, 150 N. Pine St.

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