Globe Chamomile, Red Brome, Tree-of-Heaven, Learn more about Invasive Plants Friday, June 4

Globe Chamomile

Almost exactly one month ago Chris Jones warned about the spread of an invasive weed known as Globe Chamomile, which until then was previously unseen here in Globe-Miami. Within a few weeks a few of these tenacious plants were flowering along Highway 60, confirmed in our city and quickly pulled by Gila County’s Cooperative Extension Agent. This Friday over lunch hour you’re invited to see photos and learn to identify nonnative invasive plants such as Globe Chamomile and red brome, tree-of-heaven and more when Chris Jones is the special guest speaker at Bullion Plaza Cultural Center and Museum in Miami, resuming a popular speaker series Friday, June 4 at noon.
Nonnative invasive plants, such as tree-of-heaven and red brome, cause significant economic and ecological damage where they occur. Land consumed by these and other noxious weeds may be irreversibly changed - never regaining its full biological potential.

Gila County’s Cooperative Extension Agent Chris Jones will discuss several noxious weeds that occur in the Cobre Valley area - plus management strategies and concerns for their control.

University of Arizona’s Cooperative Extension program coordinates a wide range of agriculture education; here in Gila County Chris Jones and his staff promote forest health, watershed protection, and horticulture education.



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