Gila County Probation Supervisor of the Year

Lynn Dee has worked for the Probation Department as a Probation Officer and most recently as Gila County Probation Fiscal Manager.

When Lynn Dee was a Probation Officer I felt she was a team leader who assisted her fellow officers and supervisor when and where needed. 

In her current position as Fiscal Manager, she has had to learn how to project, report and budget for state and local county accounts and has done quite well.  

I have witnessed that she does not hesitate to ask for assistance or guidance from staff within our department or at the state or county level in areas where she does not know or have the answer.

As a new Manager she is now supervising staff.  She has stated to me that this is probably the hardest part of her job because of the possibility of having to discipline her staff.  

I know as a manager that it is never easy but from what I have witnessed so far, I believe she is performing quite well as a new manager.

She is a very organized person and keeps her books and office in order.

I have observed her interaction with staff and know that she has great written and oral communication skills.  

I also see that staff feel comfortable in going to her if they are in need of assistance.    

She is very accommodating when support staff, officers or other managers have questions or when they need of her assistance.

She is always willing, if time permits, to be part of interview panels or to see a client when an officer is not available. 

I know that Lynn Dee is a new manager and undoubtedly has more to learn in her current position, but I feel she has come a long way in a short amount of time.  

So please consider my nomination of Lynn Dee Trimble for “Supervisor of the Year”. 

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