Gila County Probation Officer of the Year

Mr. Soden has been with the Gila County Probation Department for over 10 years. Mr. Soden has supervised every caseload in the Adult Unit (Sex Offenders, Intensive Probation, Drug Court and Standard Probation). 

When Mr. Soden supervised the Drug Court Caseload, he had a good success rate of clients graduating from Drug Court. Examples of this are still evident when Mr. Soden and I are in the community and former clients approach him and thank him for everything he has done for them. Mr. Soden is a team player and is willing to help out any probation officer in need. When I first started with probation, it was Mr. Soden who helped me prepare Court documents and check to make sure they were done correctly.  Mr. Soden still continues to assist new officers providing them with his professional opinion and advice. While searching for absconders on Intensive Probation in 2015, Mr. Soden assisted me in clearing 3 to 4 warrants in a one week.  This could not have been achieved without Mr. Soden’s expertise in the field. We are fortunate to have Mr. Soden working for our department and serving the community.

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