GHS welcomes new principal

Andrea Justice/Arizona Silver Belt GUSD also welcomes new principal James Hanlon and vice principal Audra Gutierrez.

Hello students, parents, and staff,

I’m the new principal at GHS. I’m very much looking forward to meeting all of you and working together to have a spectacular year of learning and growing together this coming school year! Please come to school on August 2, prepared with open minds and hearts so that we can capture each other’s hearts and empower each other’s minds!

I think you’ll find that in some ways I’m not your typical school principal. Let me give you an example. Later you’ll hear about my high expectations for students, but first, I want to get you thinking. For those of you returning to GHS this school year, please picture in your mind what changes you would like to see at our school. If you are a freshman, a parent new to our school, or a new staff member, picture in your mind what an ideal school year would look like for you.

As you think about your expectations for this new school year, I’m asking you to do two things. First, describe for me in writing what your ideal school year would look like (or you can draw me a picture with a description of what I’m looking at). Second, be specific. If you simply draw me a picture of your smiling face, I won’t be able to tell from your drawing how to help you smile.

Now, I’m certain some of you students will want to suggest that your maximum happiness would be no schoolwork. Now you and I both know that we can’t accomplish your purpose for being here without some schoolwork. So, please be realistic as certain things can’t be avoided. However, I’m sure you have ideas for how we can make your learning much more fun than it has been! Those are the kinds of suggestions that will help me and the rest of the GHS staff make your high school experience a memorable one in very positive ways.

I agree with the person who said, “Happiness is the creation of great memories.” So let’s create some great memories together! My goal is that 20 years from now when you attend your class reunion, you will have great memories to recall and share, that along with those great memories you’ll feel that you received a great education here and that you’ll feel that you helped educate the rest of us as well with your views and experiences.

So, start thinking about how we can, together, make GHS a school that more students will be jealous of. Please don’t wait until the first day of school to share with me your ideas. The sooner I hear from you, the sooner I can get to work on your ideas. Please email me your specific thoughts or your drawings. I very much look forward to hearing from you.

Jim Hanlon

GHS Principal