GHS competes at Nike Desert Classic

Globe — Globe Cross Country competed at the Nike Desert Classic on Friday, Sept. 29.

The Boys had 440 runners in their heat.

Abel Barraza and Nic Perez knocked 2 minutes and 2 seconds off their PR’s and ran an 18:17 and 19:47 respectfully.

Cory Chee knocked almost 2 minutes off his PR and ran an 18:51.

Rus Dalmolin knocked 2 minutes and 8 seconds off his PR and ran a 19:57.

Tyler Belknap knocked over a minute off and ran a 20:47.

Raven Stevens knocked off 2 minutes and 15 seconds off and ran a 19:58.

Nico Gardea knocked 20 seconds off his best time this year in only his 2 race of the season.

The girls did even more amazing, there were 330 runners in their heat.

Kayona Gilbert knocked over a minute off to 24:17.

Serina Guerrero knocked off 4 minutes and 32 seconds to finish at 25:07.

Victoria Hosay knocked about 4 minutes off her time at 27:43.

Dalila Camacho knocked 3 minutes and 16 seconds off to finish at 28:21.

Jessi Swift knocked off 2 minutes and 14 seconds at 24:39.

Camille Hudson in her 3rd race of the season knocked 4 minutes and 42 seconds off at 25:02

Karla Velarde’s was most impressive, knocked over 11 minutes off her time to finish at 28:41.

Every student-athlete completed a Personal Record for the season

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