Geronimo Animal Rescue Team is dedicated to adoption

Did you know San Carlos has our own non-profit animal rescue team dedicated to the care, rehabilitation, and adoption of domestic animals? Staffed by volunteers, our goals include finding homes for lost or unwanted pets, and providing medical care and rehabilitation as necessary to place animals in secure adoptive homes. Geronimo Animal Rescue Team helps provide affordable vaccine and spay/neuter services for the San Carlos Apache community, provide resources for stray and feral cats – and maintains a pet food bank to help low income owners provide for pets in need. How can you help the Geronimo Animal Rescue Team? Please donate, volunteer, adopt a homeless pet – and help educate our community. Your generous donations help us pay for the services described here – and we’re always in need of volunteers to help transport or rescue animals; also to assist during special events when the mobile pet clinic veterinarian visits San Carlos. We have three main requirements to volunteer: a valid driver’s license, physical ability to lift at least 25 pounds or more, and emotional and mental stability. Read more on our website, connect on Facebook (search keywords Geronimo Animal Rescue Team), call (928)651-0465 or please email [email protected]


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