Ft. Thomas Ladies take 1A East Championship

The Fort Thomas Lady Apaches surged to victory against Arete Academy 48-33 on Friday, Feb. 7 to win the 1A east championship. It was a tale of two surges. From the get-go, The Apaches surged ahead, building up a 12 to zero lead on baskets by Angel Wright, Hailey Hinton and Kyia Haws. Then Arete started to catch up. They did catch up, and with five and a half minutes left in the second quarter they went ahead. They stayed ahead until the end of the third quarter, when Chase Stanley stepped up along with Jordan Juan, Vivianna Talgo, and Kyia Haws. Stanley, Juan, and Talgo sent hearts soaring with three pointers. At the same time, the Apaches held their opponents to zero baskets. Arete Academy is the sort of  private or semi-private school (They don’t list tuition but charge for text books, sports and clubs.) that the Lady Apaches will face as they progress through the state tournament. Looking good.


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