Flooding a concern

Globe — At its June 6 meeting, the Globe City Council spent time hearing reports on the flooding concerns caused by the recent Pinal Fire.

Jerry Barnes, the city’s public works director and city engineer, told the council he is worried about flooding at Cobre Valley Regional Medical Center. The hospital’s new addition was built to withstand a 500-year flood. Barnes also expressed concern about the ability of the Connie’s bridge to withstand a major flood.

The council also heard from Michael O’Driscoll, Gila County’s director of Health and Emergency Management. He said that the area could be looking at a 50-100 year flood this summer. He implored residents to begin clearing out debris from local drainage areas.

“We have to plan for the worst,” O’Driscoll said.

Tentative budget

The council approved the tentative FY2017-18 budget at the June 6 meeting. The tentative budget is for $21.6 million. The council can make changes to the budget before the final one is approved on June 27, but $21.5 million is the maximum amount the final budget can be.

City manager Paul Jepson reported that the goals of the budget are to support city staff, enhance revenues and tourism, blight reduction, public safety, roads, and WIFA projects.

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