Five Minutes of Your Time Worth $3,000? Yes -- Complete Your Census -- Today!

Want to help your hometown? If you live in Globe, there’s a 50/50 chance that you haven’t completed your 2020 census, the self-response rate was about 44 percent as of Friday. One published estimate contends that up to $3,000 per person, per year is at stake for every Arizonan, federal funding that is determined by demographics and census data – allocated to cities and towns based on their population. On a statewide scale, that’s more than $20 billion dollars annually that helps support Arizona communities, according to

Its Online, Easy, Convenient

You’ll be pleasantly surprised just how little time it take to complete the census – which is online, for the first time in history. You don’t need a PIN code or other unique ID to login; you don’t need a card or instruction from the US Census Bureau – just enter your address, then follow step-by-step directions to report general information about the ages and relationships of family and friends who share your home address.

Your economic impact

In fact, for every Arizonan who does not respond to the census, the state stands to lose $887 in federal funding. Just a one-percent undercount would represent a loss to the state of $62 million per year for a decade, for a total loss of $620 million.

Over the past year Globe Mayor Al Gameros and city staffer Michelle Yerkovitch have been energetic local evangelists for the census – check out Michelle’s creative videos, clever one-minute clips featuring a variety of familiar local faces you’ll see at

Globe’s effort to promote census awareness has been applauded by statewide coordinators, who report response in neighboring communities ranges from 26.5 percent in Miami and 20.4 percent in Claypool, to Winkelman’s 7.5 percent and Hayden at 6.2. Tonto Basin and Roosevelt are aggregated in ‘Census Tract 7’, where the response rate is 4.1.

Overall, Gila County was at 28.6 on Friday, and its worth adding that residents who receive mail at a PO Box rather that an address aren’t scheduled to receive questionnaires until June when field operations resume – but you don’t have to wait, go online today and ‘self-census’ today using your address.

Got kids or grandkids at home during our ongoing covid-19 quarantine? Use the census as a teachable moment – invite them to help you answer the census questions, and talk about why they’re asked – and how you are contributing to a nationwide snapshot of population demographics.

“Globe has 1150 post office boxes,” said city staffer and census booster Michelle Yerkovich - I multiplied that by $30,000 (figuring $3000 per year,  per person for the next decade) and I came up with $34,500,000 – and that’s just for one person for each post office box. Think about it: Miami post office has 247, Claypool has 1269 – and 100 in Roosevelt. Another 1325 in San Carlos, and 725 in Peridot.”

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