Easter Egg Hunt is a success

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Dear Editor:

Loyal Order Of Moose (LOOM) Globe Moose Lodge 2014, with the help of the ladies of Women Of The Moose (WOTM) White Mountain Chapter 2325 in Show Low would like to report that this year’s Annual Children’s Easter Egg Hunt was a very good example of service to the community through cooperation and partnership.

Special thanks to the staff of Heritage Health Care Center and Cobre Valley Regional Medical Center for donating all those plastic eggs. Thank you also to the staff of Heritage Health Care Services for providing 400 hot dogs, buns, and water; the Town of Miami and Globe-Miami high schools for their support; Rainbow Flowers for their last-minute donation of helium balloons; and Town of Miami Police Chief Spence Preston for cooking all those many hot dogs. Finally, special thanks to the parents who helped with the event, and all those well-behaved children. 

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