Dylan Earven Foundation’s annual event raises $20,000

Smiling superheroes took over Miami ‘s field during the Dylan Earven Event last Saturday.

“Pow! Crash! Boom!”

Every child in attendance at the Dylan Earven Foundation’s fundraising event last Saturday was gifted with superhero powers. Whether they were climbing toward the clouds on an inflated mountain, jumping higher than ever before on a jumping castle, or running faster than the speed of light in a large inflatable globe, they were all super, and at the end of the day chances are they were lucky enough to take home one of the 233 donated bikes.

“The Dylan Earven Foundation was geared up on giving back to the community,” said Angela Earven. “We think we reached our goal and the kids all had a blast!” The event raised approximately $20,000 that will be used to help the foundation continue giving back in an even bigger and better way in the year to come. Over 50 volunteers showed up with energy to help make the event a success, and the community displayed its support by donating at total of 233 bikes. Almost every child in attendance was able to take home a new bike. “It was a lot of hard work but well worth it to see all of the kids leave with a smile on their face,” said Earven.

This was the sixth year that the Dylan Earven Foundation organized this community event and the occasion surpassed expectations in superhero fashion.


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