Dog Park Update Tonight 6 p.m. at the Dog Park

Did you know Globe has a fenced dog park where your canine companion can run and play off-leash with other friendly and well-behaved furry friends?

Bring your buddy for a supervised romp at the dog park at sunset today Wednesday Sept. 18 while the dogs can play, their owners will get a 6 p.m. update about the K9 Mine Bark Park -- a new and improved dog park the city of Globe is developing right a short walk from the current dog park.

Dog owners are invited to join the discussion, hear proposed plans, suggest possible amenities, and find out how you can get involved. Where? Globe’s current dog park is the decommissioned ball field behind Noftsger Hill Inn Bed and Breakfast - to get there from Broad Street, turn onto Haskins then continue uphill until the road ends, after Haskins merges with North Street. The dog park is open daily from dawn till dusk; well-behaved and nonaggressive dogs are welcome, along with owners who keep an eye on their dogs - and pick up after them.

Dog park rules are posted for owners.

See photos and join the online community of dog park regulars at


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