Dog and Cat Vaccines & Pet Care Mobile Clinic Thursday, Oct. 15

Vaccines are page one news - and while as of today there’s no vaccine to prevent Covid-19, there are reliable and proven vaccines to protect your pets against rabies and parvovirus. There’s even a rattlesnake antivenin that could help your dog or cat survive snakebite and dramatically reduce the cost to treat a pet envenomated by a viper. Questions about specific vaccines, or want to schedule an appointment? Call Tender Loving Care Veterinary Services at 480-699-9950.

Are your pets up to date on their shots?

Tender Loving Care Veterinary Services parks their mobile clinic here in Globe on the third Thursday of each month (Oct. 15) at Globe ACE Hardware from 9 - 10:30 a.m. Connect on Facebook (search keyword ‘TLCvetservices’) to obtain a $5 coupon off vaccination packages. Read more at

Veterinary clinic staff assure clients they are taking precautions related to Covid-19 and still drive to Globe each month to provide essential services. Among precautions, staff meet clients and pets at your car, bringing paperwork out and assigning a matching number to your vehicle - and then returning as your number is called for the pet’s exam, treatment or medication. Microchipping starts at $15, and services are performed by a licensed veterinarian. The healthy dog vaccine package, $63, includes DA2PPv, deworming, bordetella, and one- or three-year rabies, while a $57 package for cats includes FVRCP and FeLv vaccines, deworming and one- or three-year rabies. Multiple vaccination packages include a free veterinary express exam; expect a minor fee of $1-3 for waste disposal per animal. Questions about services, or want to schedule an appointment? Call 480-699-9950.


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