COVID 19 Gila county update

UPDATED March 24, 2020
Globe, AZ: statewide public school closures, followed by restaurants and bars ordered shut across most counties statewide, spotlight the serious measures being taken across Arizona to slow the spread of COVID-19, commonly known as the Coronavirus. Gila County's Health and Emergency Management team has tracked the disease since January, staff are in direct daily contact with state and federal medical experts to keep local residents updated - and healthy. Gila County's Health and Emergency Management also leads a daily conference call including police and fire first responders, local hospitals in Globe and Payson; and elected leaders of the county, Globe, Payson and other towns within Gila County.
Here are facts from the Arizona Department of Health Services, updated March 24:

In Gila County, 24 people have been tested -- of these 18 were ruled-out and negative for COVID-19 with 6 test pending.

* Arizona has 326 confirmed COVID-19 cases across the state.
Please note that Gila County has none; nearly a dozen patients from across Gila County have been tested - more than half were negative, with the remainder of results pending.

* Most people who contract COVID-19 have symptoms similar to the flu: fever, coughing and shortness of breath -- and most recover at home.
The Arizona Department of Health reports 5 fatalities attributable to COVID-19, as of March 24.
* Statewide 356 people have been tested, 313 ruled-out, with 22 test results pending.
* In Arizona the level of community spread is still listed as "moderate," with community risk "increasing, with some areas of heightened risk".
Highly populated areas of Arizona are at a heightened risk.

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