Councilwoman Castaneda thanks town of Miami citizens for opportunity

I’ve given a great deal of thought and soul searching to my continuing on Miami Town Council and have decided that the time has come that for my well-being, I will not be a candidate for Miami Town Council in the next election. This decision is strictly personal.

This is a hard decision for me and comes with regrets as it comes at a time when Miami is finishing the sewer project and road repairs loom.

These are huge, expensive and critical projects for the future of the Town.

The leadership of this Town is in excellent hands with Town Manager, Joe Heatherly. He came on board when this Town was in dire straits. Through his hard work, ingenuity and dedication he has overcome tremendous difficulties and righted this Town in ways that only those who work directly with him can know.

This Town was truly blessed when he took the position of town manager.

I love Miami and intend to be a contributing and involved citizen. I plan to stay on Miami Genesis and work to better the Town.

I want to thank the citizens of Miami who gave me the opportunity to be on Town Council. It has been a great experience and one that I truly enjoyed and will never forget.

Rosemary Castaneda

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