Community Working Group reviews status of Resolution Copper Project

The Community Working Group for the Resolution Copper Project will be meeting ‘virtually’ online until it is safe to resume in-person meetings -- it’s expected that in-person meetings will once again be open to the public. The next online meeting will be on Wednesday, April 14, 2021 at 6 p.m. The CWG will discuss the federal review process for the project environmental studies. Summaries of all past meetings, presentations and other materials are available to the public at the CWG’s website at Comments and questions can also be submitted here.

The CWG includes residents and stakeholders from the Town of Superior, Queen Valley, Hewitt Station, Globe, Kearny, Winkelman, Hayden, the San Carlos Community and around the area. The group deals with the social and environmental issues, science and policy, and pros and cons of the proposed Resolution Copper Project. Topics include environmental impacts, health, safety, natural resource issues, engineering, water quantity and quality, geology, economics, air quality, community investments, recreational changes and other related subjects.


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