Community steps up during crisis for Humane Society animals

During the recent downtown Globe evacuation due to a Hazmat situation, the High Desert Humane Society was required to evacuate its dog rescue that is located in the affected area.

Fortunately, we only had 17 dogs on the premise and Globe firemen helped us load them into our two vans to get them out of the area.

We were able to take the dogs to the city dog park at Noftsger Hill and stay with them there throughout the day. The dogs were happy to run in the park and seemed to think they were on vacations.

Their human caregivers stayed there with them throughout the day. Various people brought us water and offers of assistance and Globe City councilwoman Charlene Giles kept us updated on changes in the situation.

When it looked as if the evacuation would last into the night, John Castaneda of Gila County Animal Control called to offer their adoption trailer to the park to transport the dogs to their shelter to house them for us overnight.

They had space, as they only had three dogs of theirs lodged there.

Tail Waggers provided us with beds to put in the kennels of the 10 adult dogs and six puppies who were housed overnight at Gila County’s shelter.

Dr. Eubank graciously offered to house one very small puppy who had no litter mates. It was as if Cheryl and Richard Brazell, managers of the humane society dog rescue, would have to find lodgings of their own as they could not go home.

Finally, at around 5 p.m., the area was cleared for people to return to their homes and businesses.

The next morning, Animal Control returned our dogs to our rescue in the adoption trailer.

This whole experience became a great example of Gila County, City of Globe and the High Desert Humane Society working together for the benefit of homeless dogs.

The Humane Society would like to thank the two government agencies, Gila County and the City of Globe, for working to make a difficult experience as easy as possible.

Jane Hale

Treasurer, High Desert Humane Society

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