Community Clean Up was a Big Hit on Euclid Street

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The city of Globe set out a dumpster and pallets on three locations.  

The busiest, on Euclid St. was full by 9:30  attracting a load of debris, a pile of tires, a few large rather dead appliances.  Belinda Robeles, a “trash donor” on Euclid said, “This is wonderful. They should have one once or twice a month.”  

At the Devereaux site, Yolanda Perez said that she thought that the program was great.  “It gives us a chance to throw out the stuff that’s collected.” 

Later, George Ratliff was loading debris that he had collected as a.  A Globe native, he had moved back after 30 years away in Colorado, and is now giving back to his native town.

The Fegan and South St. dumpster was  empty at 11 a.m., although the yard behind it might yield a full load, and around the corner was a derelict sedan full of yard trash.  Several dumpsters a day for the three days were collected from the three locations. 

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