Cobre Valley Youth Club open this week

We at Cobre Valley Youth Club are thrilled to announce, with help and support from our partners will be open this week starting Tuesday March 17, 2020 at 7:30 a.m. with a one week review and assessment. Globe Unified School District will be dropping off breakfast for the children and lunch for the children, we are in a position from help from Supervisor Humphrey to be able to run this week at no charge to any parent. With help from United Fund we are hopefully to be able to carry on with our necessary needs. Our capacity currently is assessed by the Youth Club’s Board and is set at 150 children per day with a review after day one, we feel this is in our staff and children’s best interest ratio to staff/volunteer wise.
 While we undergo this ever changing climate, we are asking for parents to be patient with us, we have set up guidelines that will protect our staff/volunteers and children. These guidelines are set up to ensure best practices are being carried out in regards to personal hygiene, as well as ensuring no child or volunteer/staff have any allergy like symptoms or fevers.
During this time only our staff/Pre screened volunteers and children are aloud to enter the building and come into the club, we are asking parents that all correspondence be made via telephone and or e-mail/Facebook to our Executive Director, or Facebook page Cobre Valley Youth Club.
Drop offs will happen from 7:30-8:30 a.m. with staff and Globe Fire doing temperature checks of all children and ensuring all necessary paperwork is signed prior to letting any child into the youth club, if at anytime a child shows symptoms they will be taken to our nursing room and a parent/guardian will have to come pick them up. If you cannot pick up your child we will take them home after 20min with a $25 transportation cost associated per case.
When picking them up there will be staff outside to be able to assist with children to and from the faculty to the car.
We will be washing our hands as well as the children’s hands every incoming and leaving along with hourly hand washing teaching and sanitizing.
If your child has any food sensitivities or allergies please ensure our staff is aware and it is noted on the forms, these forms will be available tomorrow at the youth club from 7:30-8:30 a.m. Our doors will be open to any new and always our existing members.
New members
-need to have membership papers (found on website) filled out prior to drop off (need for safety and liability purposes) they can send in with the child.
-must follow all policies and procedures (handbook on website)
-any child not following club rules will have a behavior report and if the behavior continues the child will be sent home. (Again, the safety of all children is our top priority)
-children will be evaluated before being able to attend, any cold or flu like symptoms they will not be allowed on site.
We look forward to having a fun week with the children and have a schedule of events to keep them busy and minds occupied while this time they spend out of school, we will post our schedule for the week shortly and will be able to answer any questions as time permits.
Thank you for your continued support and patience during this most difficult time.