Cobre Valley Regional Aquatic Center part 6: A Healthy Community

A healthy, vibrant community consists of many parts and pieces working in concurrence — schools, law enforcement/fire/EMS services, churches, quality healthcare, local government, thriving businesses, colleges, and infrastructure to keep these wheels turning. In addition, two vital components are adequate housing and amenities/recreation for those that would want to live in our community. These two elements are essential in maintaining the quality of life in a community. They go together and should be addressed in unison.

Parks, such as an aquatic center, contribute to the economic and social development of a community. Research shows when people are looking to buy a home in a community, the top four amenities they look for are paved trail systems for walking, jogging, biking; green spaces; outdoor family-oriented style pools; and energetic main streets. Research also shows when a new business or an existing business is looking to open or relocate, parks and recreation are in the top three considerations.

Studies have also shown that a community’s commitment to promote places to be physically active can improve individual and community health, thus improving student grades and attendance in school, employee work attendance, community pride, reduce work related injuries, improve mental wellness, reduce obesity rates, and improve social issues such as crime, drug and alcohol use among teens, and reduce teen pregnancy.

The CVRAC Board is striving to help make Globe-Miami a more dynamic, flourishing, and healthy place to live, work and play.