City responds to trash complaints

GLOBE — After several consultations with Michelle Yerkovich from the City of Globe and Bill Hanna from Gila County, Kenneth Morgan is seeing things improve.

He is one step closer to relief from the people that are dumping garbage, practically on his doorstep, almost every day. Other neighbors have expressed their disgust, but for the Morgans this new dumping was intolerable, so he and his son contacted the City of Globe.

At first the Morgans thought that they were getting the runaround. Yerkovich, code enforcer for the city, concluded from Morgan’s address that the illegal dumping was going on in the county, since the address was in the county.

When the Morgans contacted Hanna, he was able to demonstrate that the dump sites, one close to Morgan’s house and one further away, were on a tongue of city land.

Hanna then went to confer with Morgan.

“I investigate all issues even if the area isn’t in my jurisdiction,” he said.

Yerkovich was out of town Monday, but she called and verified that she would be acting on the written complaint form that Morgan’s son Kyle had turned in to the city. Like Hanna from the county, Yerkovich said she would personally go and inspect the property and contact landowner Peter Schminke, a chronic victim of illegal dumping himself, according to Yerkovich.

She said that Schminke had always cooperated and removed the mess when notified that his property had been dumped on. The two sites are conveniently located in a blank area where there are no houses, easily accessible to illegal dumpers.

In the future, the illegal dumpers may be identified in images taken by Morgan and face fines of up to $480.


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