City of Globe closure alerts

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Due to construction activities associated with the City of Globe Community Center Sewer Line Project, the following will be closed Monday, February 27 through Wednesday, March 8:

Besh Ba Gowah Archaeological Park and Museum

Globe Community Center Park

Hagen Field, Sawaia Field, Trujillo Field and T-ball Fields

Thank you for your patience through the major but necessary inconvenience these closures pose to our community and museum visitors. Closure dates are an estimated time frame and may change due to construction needs. We will post closure updates as available.

For more information on Besh Ba Gowah, please call the museum at 928-425-0320 or the City of Globe at 928-425-7146. If you have questions or concerns about the park/ballfields closure, please call Public Works Superintendent Richard Thomas at 928-200-1295.

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