Canyonlands Healthcare tests 200 during ‘Blitz’

Despite limitations of a small local staff, Canyonlands Healthcare staged an ambitious event May 30 - bringing local participation to the statewide Covid-19 ‘Testing Blitz’ ordered by Gov. Ducey -- and offering the first-ever free drive-thru testing for Globe-Miami area residents. Almost 200 accepted the invitation, according to Practice Manager Brenda Blaine of Canyonlands Healthcare - with four people testing positive.
Canyonlands staff volunteered their time in order to keep the event free to the community. If you missed it, Canyonlands Healthcare offers weekday testing by-appointment at its clinic in Globe and all other eight locations across AZ. Tests aren’t free, but they are covered by your health insurance. To schedule one, call 1-877-645-9675  or read more online at

“That was a big, exhausting day and I want to applaud my staff at Canyonlands for doing an amazing job: Sara, Jean, Jenni, Shawnda, Kira, Angela, Esther, Claudia, Brenda D, and Chuck -- thank you all so very much! Also a thank you to Officer Cochran from Globe PD for spending the day with us and to AJ Castaneda for assigning him to our event. Thank you to the City of Globe Public Works Department for providing the signs and pilons, and to Neal Jensen for allowing us to use the hospital parking lot. Another great big thank you to CJ, Mari, Margaret, and Kevin from our corporate office in Page for coming down to offer help, and support us in our endeavors. And, lastly, thank you to those who came out to get tested. We don’t have another planned for the Globe-Miami region, but our sister clinic in Safford may have one this month -- check recent posts at

Or our website for the schedule, or call our local staff here in Globe at 402-0491.”


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