Building a home with fundamentals first

Courtesy photo The Satter family pictured above from L-R: Kara Satter, Glenda Satter, Max Satter, Emilee Satter, Martine Reede, Tory Satter, Trey Satter, and Jim Satter.

In the small mining community of Globe and Miami there is not much to do for the youth. Or, maybe it is that there is too much opportunity for the youth to do the wrong things. Either way, it is evident that this town, like most small American towns, has its struggles. That is why small acts of kindness and a helping hand can go a long way. There is a need for people who care in this community, in this country and in the world. It is even more amazing when someone goes above and beyond what would be considered normal and changes their entire life to be a service to others. Ladies and gentlemen allow me to introduce, Tory and Kara Satter. Since moving to the Globe-Miami-San Carlos area in 2004 they have cared for and fostered 40 kids in their home.

For the last 16 years Tory and Kara have worked at their dream of providing a home and other care for kids and their families in San Carlos. Tory gives us some insight to how this dream became part of their lives; “We both had great families growing up. My parents are amazing. They just celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary in November. I remember right after Kara and I were married we drove past a large home for kids outside of Omaha, Nebraska. It was Christmas time and that year we had four or five different family Christmas celebrations. I realized Christmas for the kids in that facility was going to look completely different from my Christmas. Kara and I started talking then about being foster parents.” It was only a short time later that they packed up and moved here to Globe, Ariz. Right away Tory and Kara became an active part of the community.

“My first-year coaching soccer for AYSO here was a team from San Carlos,” explained Tory when asked about his involvement with AYSO and the community. “I have coached AYSO the past 16 years. This last season I coached three teams. Emilee’s team. Mac and Trey were on the same team. Then I coached my VIP team again. That is the team of kids and adults with special needs. Kara coaches the younger VIP team and I coach the older team.” The VIP program for AYSO is very important to Kara and Tory. This program is where kids with special needs can play soccer, learn the game and learn to compete in a fair and fun way. The Silver Belt asked Tory why sports were important to him. “My wife and I both grew up playing sports. I played soccer for 10 years. My dad coached around half of those teams. My mom was the registrar for the soccer league. They wanted to be involved and make sure the positive sports experiences happened not just for me but for other kids as well. My parents rarely missed a game while I was growing up. My dad and I coached soccer together here in Globe for a while.” It is clear that the Satter family relationship with family and sports is a positive experience that Tory and Kara wish to pass on to their foster and adopted children.

While Kara and Tory Satter have fostered and cared for 40 kids in their time here. Right now, they are providing a home for four adopted children. And yes, they all play soccer. The oldest is Martine. He played soccer, football, baseball and started 86 consecutive games as a GHS varsity basketball player. Second in age is Trey. He has been on the varsity cross country and soccer teams for GHS for the past two years. Third in the age succession line is Max. He played his freshman year on the varsity soccer squad for Globe. And last but not least, is the youngest, Emilee. She has played soccer since she was four years old and plans to help the Globe Lady Tigers to become a better soccer team next year. All of the kids participated on the Piranha’s swim team and AYSO soccer in their youth. And every one of these kids glows when you ask them about Tory or Kara. It is not easy to say, but where would these kids be without the help from this couple, that decided one Christmas to leave home and head out west.

Tory and Kara Satter have used sports to help them to build a stable and secure home for children. They have selflessly served these kids as parents, as friends and as coaches. For that the Silver Belt and the towns of Globe, Miami and San Carlos are forever grateful and take this time to recognize two wonderful people. Two people who decided to make an impact and made it happen. Here are a few questions and answers from their adopted children.

What is it about sports that motivates you to want to play?

Emilee – “I like the competition of sports!”

Trey – “I like having fun and being part of a team in sports.”

Max - “High school sports motivate me to keep my grades up so I can play.”

Do you like it when Dad is coaching? Or do you prefer him in the stands?

Max – “I like my dad being my coach because he makes sports fun.”

Trey – “With my dad as my coach I know what is expected.”

Emilee- “Coaching.”

Martine- “Coaching.”


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