Bolinger family reunion

This Easter 2019, 118 of us gathered for our annual Bolinger family reunion.

This gathering started back in 1944 at Seven Mile Wash.

Over the years, we would meet at different locations including Klondyke, Mount Graham, Fort Thomas, Mammoth, Wheatfields and at the river in San Carlos.

For more than 30 years, we have met at the Globe Community Center.

We would have family come from all throughout the state and all across the country including Texas, Oregon, California and Tennessee.

I am the youngest of my siblings. I was 11 years old when our first reunion took place.

I remember using rocks for bases when we played baseball. We always played hard and rough, yet there were never any broken bones.

Baseball has always been the game we played and we always had a lot of fun.

Over the last five years, we haven’t played any baseball because we are all getting older. Yet still we all got together.

It is such a blessing to have family who love one another and value the importance of coming together every year.

I hope it continues even long after I am gone.

Bertha Bolinger Holley